How it works

PCR.AI combines a blend of logic, AI and advanced user interface to ensure efficient, standardised and accurate results - preventing errors at source

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Ensuring error free results for every run

Analysing and continually monitoring your data using cutting-edge AI and QC tools to ensure standardisation and efficiency

1. Import thermocycler run file

Natively import files from any popular real-time PCR instrument.

2. Auto-Verify setup and settings

Automatically verify that assay controls, labels and analysis settings are correct.

3. AI curve verification

Automatic clinically proven assay-specific error-checking and analysis for every real-time PCR curve with over 99.9% accuracy. Ensuring accurate data-analysis, every time.

4. Rules engine and QC checks

Apply all your assay SOP including quantification and checks for crossover, cross-contamination, Westgard issues, failed controls, CT ranges and any other issue.

5. Automatically export data to LIMS

Set up your LIMS to automatically import error-free results automatically released by, safe in the knowledge that aberrant results and QC failures are held back from reporting.

6. Maintain and monitor

Review your QC, result trends and audit trails for CFR21:11 and other monitoring and compliance purposes.

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