About Diagnostics.ai

Our Vision and Mission
Since our inception in 2009, Diagnostics.ai (formerly known as Azure PCR) has been at the forefront of revolutionizing diagnostic testing. Our mission is to address critical patient safety issues arising from known challenges in diagnostic testing. Leveraging the power of data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, we are dedicated to enhancing diagnostic accuracy, reducing costs, and improving global patient safety.

Innovative Approach
We recognize that many diagnostic tests are labour-intensive and prone to human error. Our focus is on transforming this landscape by automating these processes, particularly in infection detection, where accuracy is paramount. Our flagship product, pcr.ai, is a testament to this commitment, automating the widely-used qPCR method for infection testing, thus significantly reducing error rates and improving reliability.

Impact of AI in Diagnostics
The integration of AI into diagnostics marks a paradigm shift. By minimizing human error, we not only streamline laboratory operations but also provide medical professionals with more precise patient treatment plans. This advancement translates to enhanced patient safety and a reduction in preventable deaths. Moreover, our technology facilitates real-time data acquisition and AI-based standardization, empowering governments and NGOs in resource management and infection control, while also addressing global staff-shortage issues.

Our Technology
The core of our innovation lies in our internationally patented AI-based learning machines. These algorithms replicate the decision-making process of expert clinical technicians, thereby automating routine analyses and eliminating manual steps in patient testing. Our technology, showcased in pcr.ai, boasts an interpretation accuracy exceeding 99.9%, as validated in multiple independent studies involving over 0.25 million samples.

Our Products
Pcr.ai stands as a prime example of our commitment to accuracy and efficiency in diagnostics. It has been recognized as a 'highly accurate time-saving tool' in clinical validations and reviewed in several independent studies covering a broad range of pathogens and samples. The versatility of pcr.ai lies in its compatibility with any test or platform, eliminating the need for reprogramming for each new test.

Our Team
Our leadership reflects our innovative spirit. CEO Aron Cohen brings over two decades of experience in software solutions across various industries. CTO Ze'ev Russak, with over 40 patents to his name, brings invaluable expertise in digital signal processing and algorithm development. Simon Bengen, our CPO, bridges our technological innovations with market needs, focusing on medical device risk management. David Nitsan our President brings decades of medical device company leadership experience, and our Chairman Prof Brian Glenville lends his medical background and experience to translating our efforts to improved processes for doctors, patients and staff.

Commitment to Quality
Diagnostics.ai is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality in diagnostic testing. Our technology has undergone rigorous testing and received multiple certifications, ensuring reliable and accurate results. Independent peer reviews have validated our approach, and our solutions are used daily by leading clinical labs globally for thousands of patient tests. This commitment to excellence is integral to our mission of enhancing patient safety and care.

Global Recognition and Application
Leading laboratories globally rely on pcr.ai for its accuracy, automation capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. This confidence in our platform demonstrates its applicability across diverse laboratory settings, addressing the critical need for rapid, high-quality diagnostics at an affordable cost.

Management team

Aron Cohen


Driven by desire to make impact on global needs. Expert in bringing people together to deliver common vision.

Ze'ev Russak


Expertise in elite military intelligence units and through working for corporations such as IAI and HP.

David Nitsan


Serial CEO Medical Device Startups Experienced in fund raising and partnerships.

Samuel Cohen ACA


Strategic financial leader with over forty years' standing as a UK-qualified chartered accountant, driving fiscal success.

Prof Dr Brian Glenville


Wealth of experience with start-ups, getting medical devices from start-up stage to implementation in clinical settings.

Ilan Sherr

Director: Legal & Compliance

Experienced lawyer and executive, currently Executive Director and founder of Aiscension, a subsidiary of DLA Piper. Ilan is also an experienced solicitor and a legal Director based in DLA Piper's London office.

David Kennard

Company Secretary

David has worked in biotech, pharma and other life science related industries in a C-level capacity. He is currently Entrepreneur in Residence for the UK government's Medical Research Council.

US Team

Supporting our USA clients and partners

Scott Mattivi

US Director

C-level career in clinical and biopharma enterprise laboratories. His most recent venture was Pathology Watch which was sold to Sonic Healthcare in 2023. Prior to that he was at Eurofins group companies and Quest Diagnostics.

Kara Duncan

Business Development

20 years' experience in molecular laboratory development and support, including at Viracor-Eurofins and other life-sciences companies.

Doug Bonebrake

Applications Scientist

Fifteen years of industry experience in both clinical laboratories and global clinical trials. Software developer and Product specialist at Cerner for nearly a decade.