Embrace the Future of Diagnostics with Advanced AI to Elevate Diagnostic Accuracy and Efficiency

Unmatched Accuracy

Enhanced Precision: Over 99.9% interpretation accuracy, surpassing manual methods.

Error Reduction: Significantly diminishes manual errors for standardized results.

Increased capacity

Maximized Efficiency: Less downtime boosts test volume, even during peak or off-hours.

Resource Optimization: Ensures efficient use of lab resources, maximizing throughput.  

Accelerated Results

Speed: Achieves results 10x faster, elevating patient care.

Efficiency: Reduces manual involvement by 90%, optimizing lab workflows.

Cost Efficiency

Economic Operations: Achieves faster throughput with minimal oversight.

Regulatory Savings: Lowers costs related to compliance adherence.

Real-time Quality Control

Automated QC: Immediate error detection with Westgard standards.

Productivity Boost: Streamlines audits, enhancing lab efficiency.

Simplified Compliance

Easy Monitoring: Automated, real-time compliance with HIPAA and ISO15189.

Quality Maintenance: Assures consistent assay quality.


  1. Reliable Curve Analysis: Clinically proven AI for accurate curve interpretation.
  2. Comprehensive Quality Control: Full-spectrum checks including Westgard and internal controls.
  3. Efficient Testing: Manages complex tests without additional expert input.
  4. Paperless Environment: Cuts down on paperwork, benefiting costs and sustainability.
  5. Collaborative Tools: Streamlined UI for team collaboration and error resolution.
  6. Audit Trail Integrity: Ensures legal and CFR21:11 compliance.
  7. Seamless LIMS Connectivity: Direct integration, eliminating data transfer errors.
  8. In-depth Trend Analysis: Offers detailed data analysis for strategic decisions.
  9. Proactive Alert System: Instant notifications for trend management.
  10. Accessible Data Management: Searchable database for efficient data oversight.
  11. Guaranteed Data Security: Secure, immutable data storage for compliance.

Discover how pcr.ai can revolutionize your laboratory operations with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.