STANDARDISED, AUTOMATED, EFFICIENT provides powerful features to help you ensure accurate, standardised results and stay on top of QC and monitoring

Automated Run Settings Verification & Manual Review Enhancement

Experience seamless verification of run settings and efficient manual review with our user-friendly interface. Enjoy enhanced quality control with features like optional secondary confirmations, precise verification of thresholds and controls, comprehensive audit trails (easing CFR21:11 complaince) and collaborative commenting options for multi-user review. 

Advanced Quality Control with Westgard & Levey-Jennings Standards

Implement real-time Westgard rules for unparalleled quality control. Benefit from our in-depth support for mean and standard deviation calculations, intuitive Levey-Jennings report widgets, and robust device performance comparison tools.

Intelligent Rules Engine for Optimal Result Validation

Ensure the validity of results with our sophisticated rules engine. Customize or utilize existing rules for cross-contamination checks, internal control validation, crosstalk detection, target combinations and CT range validation, ensuring comprehensive accuracy in your analyses, or add any that you need.

Precision Quantification with Advanced Standard Curve Evaluation

Leverage our quantification tools using in-run or preset standard curves. Features include rigorous validation of standard curves, automatied adjustments for enhanced accuracy, and quantification capabilities for various sample mixes.

Seamless LIMS Integration for Efficient Workflow

Easily export results to any LIMS-compatible format, including CSV, XML, TSV, and XLSX. Our API integration ensures a fully automated workflow, enhancing your laboratory's efficiency and data management.

AI-Powered Curve Validation for Enhanced Reliability

Utilise our patented, clinically validated AI analysis engine to identify aberrant sample or control results, with options for automatic repetition or export blocking for unreliable results.

Comprehensive Trend Reports for Informed Decision Making

Analyse your dataset with our trend reports, allowing comparison of device or assay performance, and review of sample positivity rates or quantities. Customize your analysis with filters for extraction devices, sample types, and other parameters.

Real-Time Trend Issue Alerting for Proactive Management

tay ahead of potential issues with our alert system, notifying you via email or in-app notifications about significant trends or anomalies in your data, including positivity rates, control failures, or equipment-specific issues.

Lifetime Database for Comprehensive Data Management

Access a searchable and filterable database of all runs uploaded to our system. Review results over selected time periods, and rapidly verify expected results with our in-context viewing capabilities.

Secure Run Archive for Data Integrity

Rely on our secure, immutable storage for all your uploaded run files, ensuring data integrity and compliance.

Sample Type Recognition for Enhanced Analysis Accuracy

Benefit from our advanced functionality that recognizes different sample types like blood, tissue, or stool from run and well metadata, enabling more accurate rule application and result comparisons. 

Efficient API Integration with S3 and SFTP/FTPS

Streamline your laboratory workflow with our automated file receipt and result export options. Integrate seamlessly with networked drives and scheduling tools for a completely automated laboratory environment.