Title Partner Further Info Year Results & key findings
[Work-in-progress] Johns Hopkins University, 2017, 250,000+ samples processed, comparison so far with manual shows concordance well above 99%
AccuCallâ„¢: A Novel Solution for the Automated Interpretation and QC of in-house, Real Time PCR Results NHS Glasgow, UK, 2015, -2250 samples; 100% concordance
- 90% quicker than a technician
Utilization of Azure PCR AccuCall Software to Improve Analysis of PCR Data University of Washington, USA, 2015, -4496 samples, 100% concordance
-more accurate than ABI
-quicker, more efficient
Novel Solution Automates qPCR Diagnostics for Qualitative and Quantitative Data without Loss of Accuracy NHS Glasgow, UK, 2013, 2500+ samples; 100% concordance
Novel, Fully Automated Method Allows Efficient Analysis of qPCR Data for Qualitative Calling Based on Comparative Cq DuPont Pioneer, USA, 2012, 4000+ samples; 99.8% concordance
Automated data interpretation of H1N1/09 ('swine') influenza Real-time PCR data St. Georges NHS Trust, UK, 2010, 2,500+ samples; 99.1% concordance